Every blog should begin with ice cream

I don’t know that this is a rule anyone else has put forth, but I feel that if you are beginning a new blog, lost in the existential terror of what to write, how to sum yourself up most effectively, how to reveal to the world all the best parts of you, yet how to do so in the most concise and entertaining way —

Well, you could do worse than to begin with your favorite ice cream flavor.

And so here it is, everyone, Edy’s Mint Cookie Special Edition. I can only hope that the words “special edition” are a lie, told to drum up an increase in business, because if they ever stop selling it I shall be thrown into despair.

Edy's Limited Edition Mint Cookie ice cream

My one true ice cream

If you like mint and chocolate and texture in your ice cream, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Next time, perhaps, a post about writing. For now, I leave you with, I hope, a lingering urge to enrich your life by consuming the dessert of your choice.


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